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Car Leasing Brooklyn is Here to Help You Exit Your Lease

Customers to come us looking to exit their lease early for any number of reasons. They might have found a better deal somewhere else, they might not like the car anymore, or they might be looking to lower monthly expenses thanks to a job change or living situation change. We can walk you through every option at your fingertips and even get you a great lease deal if you like! For those of our prospective customers who are looking to buy and assume one of these leases, we’d love to help you too, as our dynamic inventory is always changing to make sure you get the best auto lease deal that you can in the wheels of your dreams.

Our team knows what to do for a huge range of customer needs and wants, and we are constantly staying abreast of industry trends and regulations, all to make sure that we offer our customers the absolute highest standard of service and care. The Car Leasing Brooklyn difference is very real, and we are eager to let you see what we can do for you. Call the customer service team at Car Leasing Brooklyn, who are always on your side, at 718-307-5639 right away!

What Are My Lease Exit Choices with Car Leasing Brooklyn?

Great question! Our most common option that we see customer selecting is the transfer of their lease to us. That means that they are selling their car lease to our team here and washing their hands of the monthly payments associated with their lease. Car Leasing Brooklyn is then free to pass that car along to one of our other buyers, offering them the same caliber of deal that we offer to our selling clients as well. We have performed this service for countless customers, and would love to do it for you too. For those of you who might be looking to assume a lease from a seller, we have a huge, constantly changing inventory of automobiles that will help you get a great new car lease deal! Call us today, and get the ball rolling on a great new lease deal with Car Leasing Brooklyn!

I Want to Exit an Auto Lease, Can Car Leasing Brooklyn Help?

If you decide that transferring your lease to us or to another leasing dealership is not the way you’d like to proceed, there are other options. The lease agreement that you signed originally likely has clauses that allow you to get out of that lease deal, often for a predetermined sum of money that you might be able to negotiate. These can be tricky, but it is possible to negotiate. Car Leasing Brooklyn may be able to advise you on your options, and you might discover that transferring your lease to us is preferable after all. It all depends on the individual situation of every customer, which our customer service team is ready to discuss on a personal and tailored basis, making the Car Leasing Brooklyn difference with our loyal customers. Give us a call today, and let’s talk things through!